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Thanks to the kindly assistance of others, I have been able to piece together a Genealogy of the family 'MAURI' alias 'MAURY' from whom the Audcent and Pinot de Moira families of England descend.  It is not comprehensive, and interested viewers are asked if they can correct or contribute additions to please contact me. Special thanks to my friends Jacques, Mark (2 of you), Martin, Sebastien, and cousins Fleurette, George, Philippe, Cyril  and Alfredo, plus the assistance from a kindly American Librarian, for their help.  I acknowledge with special thanks the extensive research and work of cousin Jean de Lajudie and the additional information received from his sister Martine.


GENEALOGY of the family
MAURI de Lapeyrouse (alias MAURY de Lapeyrouse)
Arms family "Maury de Lapeyrouse"
23.397. -(LANGUEDOC. -Sgr de la Peyrouse, Pereirol. Saint-Hippolyte. - Maintenu noble en 1671 sur preuves remontées
admis aux Etats en 1764, Comparant à Montpellier en 1789). - D'or ci un mont de 6 coupeaux de sin. mouoant de la Pte. accomp
chef de 2 têtes de More de sub. tortillées d'argt. - (Nouveau d'Hozier 230. - La Roque et Barthélemy. - Brémond 12).

The family Mauri alias Maury come from Seran (now Massac-Seran), Midi-Pyrenees, France.  It is clear from the documents in my possession, that this Genealogy is nowhere complete.  Some information has been taken from public sources and some from my family archives and those of my cousins.  The information I possess relates to one line who emigrated to the West Indies and their immediate relatives during the period 1780-1806.  We have now received some information from descendants from this line, but require corroboration and further details.  My GG Grandfather Comte Hippolyte 'Henri' Pinot de Moira is known to have corresponded with his cousin the Comte Charles de Lapeyouse, who wrote from Paris in 1855 - and unfortunately for me and my readers , he passed to Maury his only copies of our mutual family documents and letters, from which it is clear that this Charles and his sister were the descendants of our common G Grandfather Jean-Baptiste Maury de Lapeyrouse and his wife d'Aillebout d'Argenteuil, of the West Indian line.  Although Charles had promised to return the documents supplied by my forebear, these do not appear among our papers, and would appear to have either never been returned or were more likely lost in the post.  The arms shown were taken from the coroneted (Comte) seal on the letter from Charles de Lapeyrouse to Henri Pinot de Moira, and the colours are as described in the Pinot de Moira registered Genealogy of 1846.  

NB Henri stated in his notes that our family 'de Lapeyrouse' were NOT related to 'Picot' de Lapeyrouse, or the explorer de La Perouse.
24-3-2001 Interestingly I have now discovered via my good friend Martin, that both families - i.e. MAURY & PICOT de Lapeyrouse were present in Trinidad, owned land at Port of Spain, and both were apparently involved with sugar production before 1797.  (Their entries on page 61 of “The Book of Trinidad” follow one another: No 35 is Louis Maury de la Peyrouse and No 36 is Picot de la Peyrouse).  Further it appears that both families were present in the early days of settlement by Frenchmen, and both were apparently friends of Dert and St Laurent.  Hence the source of confusion that has arisen with  regard to known descendants 'de Lapeyrouse', it is clear that they could descend from either of these unrelated families, and records will require close scrutiny.
David B Audcent

family MAURI alias MAURY

Gilles MAURI died 1572 of his marriage unknown had issue of:-

Marc-Antoine DE MAURI, Seigneur d'Airoux, Comte d'Ayroux - in view of the name of the 2nd son of Pierre (3rd of name) likely to have died without descendants.  Maintained in his nobility under act of Louis XIV 4th January 1671.

Jean DE MAURI, Seigneur de Rollens

Omar-Antoine DE MAURI, Seigneur de la Gascarie. Maintained in his nobility under act of Louis XIV 4th January 1671.

where possible these persons are inserted in the main text closest to their possible ascendance
if this is the case only the name and marriage partner/s are shown - to see entry click on name.
We cannot be sure at this time who, if any, descend from MAURY 'de Lapeyrouse' and who from PICOT 'de Lapeyrouse', unless name in full.

1.  Antoine DE MAURY, Seigneur de Seran, Captain of the Infantry m. 2nd October 1731, Magdelaine DE REY, widow of Henry Solier (alias Sollie), Seigneur de Pereirol, and co-seigneur of Saint Hippolyte in the diocese of Ales.  Magdelaine was the sister of Louise, who left a will dated 3rd September 1749, and was buried in the church of St Hippolyte le Fort.  Antoine, having no issue, left by his will dated 2nd September 1743, his estate in favour of his nephew Pierre DE MAURY DE LAPEYROUSE, who lived at Lavaur in Laragais.  On his death his wife remarried Laurent Alexandre Thivault, Seigneur de Mazeau, Captain in the Infantry and Chevalier St Louis.  On her death she left her properties including the domaine of Pereirol to her niece Marie Magdelaine Moreau de Champlois wife of Joseph-Gabriel de Maury de Lapeyrouse.  I think this might be him - dba click here.

2.  Adelaide DE LAPEYROUSE  (heiress - but of whom ?) m. c1802 Francois Joseph DE BONFILS (I have a full published Genealogy of the Bonfils family, given by them to their cousin my GGGrandfather HH Pinot de Moira (1820-1909) - what a pity they didn't include her parents in the Genealogy - dba)

3.  Information confirmed by Sebastien Boissenot as incorrect, this daughter apparently wrongly attributed to parents Alexandrine Maury de Lapeyrouse and her husband Joseph Marie Girard: -
    One un-named daughter GIRARD m. 28th August 1862 at Montpellier, Herault un-named DE GIRARD-DEZENOBRE, of which marriage issue of four children.

4. From the registers of Aix-en-Provence
Marie Gabriel Jacques André Léonce DE LAPEYROUSE m. 28/11/1892 Berthe Léonie MANDROT

5. Presumed cousin JOHN DE SILVA has written to me, he descends from the the family 'de Lapeyrouse' and wishes to know how his line connects to our Genealogy, if anyone can help him please contact me in the first instance:-
Unknown GORDON m. Marie Amelie DE LAPEYROUSE and had issue:

(a) A Louise VILESTIVAUD m. 1798 Leonard SEVENERIE, dept Marche et Limousin, reference 87/1798

ASSOCIATED FAMILY of the Mauri de Lapeyrouse: VECCHINI alias VESSINY Genealogy
the following information on the Vecchini family has been extracted from the Book of Paul Vessiny - transcript passed to me by Mark, also from a letter dated 5th December 1969 written by Juan VECHINNI to Bianca VESSINY!  


Unconnected Lines
1. Parentage requires confirmation Mark or Paul VESSINY m. Unknown and had issue::

2. Alphonse VECCHINI, cousin of Juan VECHINNI (grandson of Dominique VECHINNI), Alphonse born Germany lived Marseilles, France, m. Unknown and had issue one daughter:

3. 2 cousins of Juan VECHINNI (grandson of Dominique VECHINNI), Napoleon and Jean Simon VECHINNI  who were residents of Paris, France


I have received a message from Kathi de Verteuil, wife of Leo. wishes to make contact with any of their Australian cousins.  Her two sons James, and John both serving in the US Forces in Iraq and Afganistan respectively are shortly to visit Sidney, Australia for a holiday.  Both are on facebook, if any cousin would like to contact them.

ASSOCIATED FAMILY of the Mauri de Lapeyrouse via DE SEHEULT - FAMILY DE VERTEUIL (Descendants of Julien Michel DE VERTEUIL)
the following information on the DE VERTEUIL family has been passed to me by my cousins and Alec Blanc - for the bulk of the Verteuil/Blanc line indicated below.

Julien Michel DE VERTEUIL b. 23/9/1773 St Cecile, Vendee, France d. 13/3/1865  Trinidad, Chevalier, m. Martinique, Victoire LE GENDRE DE LA BRETESQUE d. 1834 St Pierre, Martinique, dtr of Christophe and his wife Marie Anne Melanie Maillet - of their marriage had issue of 8 children of whom 2 were twins:-

1.   Ferdinand DE VERTEUIL m. 14/7/1906 Trinidad, Cecile Marie Pauline QUESNEL b. 11/5/1869 Havre, d. 2/12/1956 Trinidad, dtr of Charles Robert and his wife Marie Adelaide LOCKHART information on Ferdinand and his brother Rene from Internet:
This entry seems to conflict with our Genealogy above, CORRECTIONS would be welcome.

We do not have any connection linking this family to our own family MAURY DE LAPEYROUSE.  All we know is that there were links between the Mauri de Lapeyrouse of Trinidad and America (Philadelphia is mentioned).  BEWARE, most of the known descendants in Louisiana spell their name LAPEROUSE, and could thus be descended from another family.  From information supplied by Keith, it would certainly seem that this family is not related to us, thanks Keith for part of the following Genealogy, I look forward to your cousins filling up the spaces!

The LAPEROUSE/LAPEYROUSE family of Louisiana - Based largely on following
<> with keith's additions.

Commencing with

Jean LAPEROUSE of marriage unknown had issue of a son:-


1 Joseph C LAPEYROUSE m. Josephine L and had issue:-

2 Olem LAPEYROUSE died 2/3/1930 Houma, age 46 (b c1884) m. Agnes KELLY

3 Corinne LAPEYROUSE m. 20/12/1909 (his 1st marriage) Leonce Albert VOISIN Jr b. 9/12/1891 Grand Caillou, Terrebonne, LA, bap. St Eloi, Theriot, d. and bur St Eloi Cemety, son of Leonce Albert 1st of name and Florence Odilia BENOIT. Of the marriage issue of the following. It is presumed she died , for he remarried for a 2nd time on the 23/10/1912 Pauline LEBOUEF and for a third time on 7/1/1962 St Eloi, Theriot, Terrebonne, Marguerite JORDAN.:

4. Josephine LAPEROUSE m. Trasmond AUTHEMENT of the marriage issued:

5 Josephine LAPEYROUSE m. 17/12/1894 Th.Ch., Felicien Pierre MARCEL b. 27/3/1874 (son of Ulysse b. 18/8/1852 m 28/4/1873 Houma, Rose Elia Babin bt. 14/1/1854 dtr of Eugene and Adele Hebert).

6 Felicia LAPEYROUSE m. Henry PRICE and of their marriage had issue:-

7. Melazie LAPEYROUSE m. 1865 Montegut, Louisiana, Marcellin PICOU b. Thibodaux, Louisiana, of this marriage issued:-

Family 'GALAUP' - de Galaup, de La Peyrouse  (alias de La Perouse) of Albi
There has been much speculation and wishful thinking concerning the links of the various families "de Lapeyrouse", or "De Laperouse" to this family, who were the forebears of the famous explorer Jean-Francois Galaup de Laperouse.  As my Great Grandfather Hippolyte Henri Pinot de Moira has already stated, there are definitely no links with the families Mauri de Lapeyrouse, or that known as Picot de Lapeyrouse with this family.  The seigneuries are obviously based on a number of places of the same name and the family names differ.  MAURI, PICOT & GALAUP.

Interested persons in Lapeyrouse's exploration may like to visit the following site which has been passed to me by Jean Pierre De Palmas:

The de Galaup family <> my thanks to John Robson author of this page.
The French Sailor and Explorer, Laperouse, was born Jean-Francois de Galaup in 1741 in Albi in the southwest of France. He was born into a family which had a long association with Albi and which held a position of some importance in the town. Over three hundred years, the family had, through hard work and strategic marriages, carefully built up its standing. They had originally been merchants but later were involved in law and medicine, with several of them becoming Consul in the town. The family first makes an appearance in the town records when Huc Galaup became Consul in 1478. His grandson, Jean, acquired an estate at Orban in 1558 and, with it, the right to add the participle "de" to the family name.

The family already possessed houses in Albi but Jean's son, Claude, added to them in the early 1600s by buying a property, just to the east of the town, at Le Go. This property is situated in a horseshoe of the River Tarn near a ford to Lescure, on the opposite bank of the river (the word "go" means ford). It would become the family's summer residence and Jean-Francois would be born there in 1741. Claude's sister Lavezonne married Clement de la Jonquiere, establishing a link with a more noble family and one which would prove influential in Laperouse's career. About this time the family had also acquired its own coat-of-arms.

Laperouse's parents were married in 1740. Victor-Joseph de Galaup, born 1709, married Marguerite de Resseguier, the daughter of a Colonel in the Regiment de Conde. Jean-Francois de Galaup was born the next year on 23 August 1741, the first of ten children. In a situation typical of the time, only two of his siblings, Martiane-Claire (born 1742) and Victoire-Henriette-Marguerite-Claire (born 1758) survived to adulthood and married. A third sister Marie-Anne-Charlotte (born 1743) became a noviate nun as Soeur Sainte Pelagie but she died when she was only eighteen. Antoine-Salvy-Melchior (1745-1747), Armand-Roch-Victor (1746-1748), Claire-Francoise (1747-1752), Jacques-Antoine-Victor (1749), Hippolyte-Victoire (1751) and Francoise-Marie-Therese (1755-1766) all died in childhood. When Jean-Francois left Albi for Brest in 1756, five of his brothers and sisters had already died.

The de Galaup family had a farm outside Albi and the name of that farm (La Peyrouse) was chosen as the suffix to the family name, which therefore became "de Galaup de la Perouse". The name appears sometimes as La Perouse and, at other times, as Laperouse. Jean-Francois would henceforth usually write it as one word and sign himself "Laperouse".

Galaup Family Tree

Huc GALAUP Consul of Albi in 1478 descended from a line of merchants, lawyers and doctors, and of his marriage, had issue of a son:-