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Addition 19 October 2004

I thought I would include one or two of the historical family Genealogies I have prepared.  In this instance I have been fortunate enough to obtain sufficient information from public sources to set out this famous French/Canadian family from whom the Audcent family descend and have supplemented with additional known family information.  All assistance to clarify missing or confused information will be appreciated.  I must also thank a number of correspondants who send me information they have researched from original registers.  Thanks to Jacques, Leo, Luc and Will among others.

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GENEALOGY of the family

The family d'Aillebout are one of the most important of the French Canadian families, giving to New France, a governor, and numerous soldiers, sailors and traders.  Many of the members of this family, including my own direct forebears have already had their biographies in the  "Dictionary of Canadian Biography" and this has been a wonderful bonus, assisting considerably in providing me with data on my forebears.  Where I have been able to extend the known information, is in the line d'Aillebout d'Argenteuil for which I possess original family documents and letters which have been handed down the family and which link into the historical record as prepared by others.

David B Audcent

old french D'AILLEBOUST

Pierre D'AILLEBOUT d. 3/9/1531 or 21/10/1531, bur at St Jean de la Grotte, Autun, Doctor to King Francois I of France, m. 1st Demoiselle de Messey and/or 2nd Pierette de Seez, of his marriage or marriages he had known issue of seven children who follow:-

Descendants of Pierre D'AILLEBOUT D'ARGENTEUIL.

Pierre D'AILLEBOUT D'ARGENTEUIL b. 19/6/1659 Quebec, bur 16/3/1711 Montreal,  Enseigne, Lieutenant, Capitaine, Sieur d'Argenteuil, m. 4/11/1687 Quebec, Marie Louise DENYS DE LA RONDE, dtr of Pierre Denys, Sieur de la Ronde and Catherine Le Neuf de la Poterie, and Grand-daughter of Simon Denys de la Trinite and Jeanne Dubreuil.  Pierre & his brother Louis appear as Godfathers at the church of St Anne du Bout d'Ile, Montreal on the 23rd April 1687 Pierre being Godfather for Marguerite Lemoyne dtr of Nicolas and his wife Marguerite Jasseleine - (the Godmother was Marie Madeleine de Lalonde (should this have been LaRonde !).   Of his marriage he had eleven children among others:-

where possible these persons are inserted in the main text closest to their possible ascendance
if this is the case only the name and marriage partner/s are shown - to see entry click on name

1.  Madeleine Helene D'AILLEBOUST DE VILME  the wife of Nicolas Charles Etienne LE GARDEUR DE TILLY (married around 1800)

2.  Joseph D'AILLBOUT DE MANTHET, (1748-1813) m. Henriette Marie DE LA HOGUE.

3.  Charles DAILLEBOUST resident St. Charles fau. Ste. Marie, New Orleans in 1811, but there is no reference to him in the 1822 Directory (NB living at No. 2 same street was probably his cousin Charles LEGARDEUR who would appear to be still living in the city in 1822 as Charles LE GARDEUR DE TILLY, JP, d.h. 138 Royal 24 Casa Calvo bel. Peace, he didn't appear in the Directory of 1832, but ? his son is recorded - Gustave LEGARDEUR acc't 43 St. Louis d. 37 Casa Calvo c. Union).-  Source [1811, 1822, & 1832 New Orleans City Directory, Louisiana Division, Main Branch New Orleans Public Library].  

4. Louise Catherine d'Aillebout m. Pierre Jacques PAYEN DE NOYAN Sieur de Chavois/Chavoy, Commandant of the Fort Pont Chartrain from 1739-1740, What is certain is that in 1688, Pierre-Jacques Payen de Noyan became the first European to ascend the Kaministiquia River and reach the Lake of the Woods. He was also the first to be confronted with the formidable 1349 m (1475 yard) long Mountain Portage which bypasses Kakabeka Falls.  Of their marriage they had for known issue:-

5.  Michel d'Aillboust de Perigny, (1838-1800 but noted in this entry as d. 12/7/1787) m. Leonarde LE TORT b. ca 1708 (she does seem however somewhat old for this Michel !!!)

Details of Associated Family 'MENARD' descendants of Suzanne-Jeanne d'Ailleboust m. 1647 Abraham MARTIN.

Jacques MENARD called Lafontaine m. Catherine  FORESTIER and had issue of one known son:-