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GENEALOGYArms: de St Ouen sous Bailly
of the family ST OUEN sous BAILLY, (cry "de Sauchay") of Normandie

30.970. - (NORMANDIE.) - D'az. au saut. d'arg. cantonne de 4 aigleites au vol abaissé du mesme.  Cette ancienne Maison, citée dès 1103, et qui établit sa fil. depuis 1222 selon Woëlmont, fut maintenue noble en 1540  Elle s'est divisée en plusieurs branches et a donné 2 Dlles de St-Cyr en 1740 et 1762.  La branche de Folny et de Guerville noble en 1709.  Celle d'Ernemont donna des Conseillers-Maîtres en la Chambre des Comptes de Rouen aux XVIIe et XVIIIe Lettres de Relief en 1610, fit ses preuves au XVIIIe siècle sur titres de 1580 et comp. à Rouen en 1789.  La branche de Pierrecourt Gourchelles fut maintenue noble en 1667.  Cette famille comp. également à Orbec, Cany, en Anjou et au Maine en 1789. - (257. - Armorial Général Normandie. - La Roque et Barthélémy. - Borel d'Hauterive 1846. - Woëlmont N. S.)

This Genealogy collates the considerable data collected by myself and my cousins relating to one of the oldest families in Europe - that of the St Ouen sous Bailly, whose descendance can according to the official records be traced back to the 8th century, although our own information at the present time only takes it back only to 1350.  My thanks go firstly to my late cousin Jules de Coquereaumont, his daughter Agnes, who I met shortly before her death, and his grandson Louis Frechon.  Jules who resided at the Chateau de la Grande Heuze near Bellencombre, spent many years documenting the family and their liaisons, together with a compilation of the associated coats of arms and it was his descendants who permitted me access to this information and allowed me copies.  I also wish to remember Therese Monton (nee Grasset) my cousin who first introduced to me to Agnes and her son, and also provided me with a copy of her own Genealogy of the family supplied to her by Jules.  I also have a special affection for cousin Louis Jouby, who was to die, soon after having checked my first draft, kindly offering suggestions and corrections, and provided me with a schedule of marriage documents, including copies of signatures taken from the original documents held by his uncle Jules - and which copy has since faded badly and is unreadable - thank goodness he provided it when he did !

Our own line descends from a branch called St Ouen d'Ernemont of France, but there are many branches of the family, two members of the family , Bernard and Germond came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066, it is considered by the family that the noble English family ST OWEN, are a branch of the family in England.  We do not have the actual connection of some of the lines, and these unconnected lines, among which are the branches, de Tordouet, de Melleville, and de Belleville all from France, will appear as a second page to this section. 

The family is thought to be extinct.  The last known descendant being Berthe de St Ouen d'Ernemont, who died in 1930 at Greges, the youngest sister of my GG Grandmother Aimee Helene who was the eldest of the three daughters of the Vicomte Yves Jacques Jules de St Ouen d'Ernemont and his wife Aimee Megard, and who herself died some years before in 1915 at Clifton, Bristol, England in the house where I was raised.  The middle daughter Amelie, died very young, in 1867.  All three sisters, however, left issue from their marriages - see Genealogy that follows.

David B Audcent


These members are unconnected to the main line, but in the main belong to our family 'de St Ouen', cousin Louis Jouby advised that there is a possibility that some of the later ones belong to families of the same name, who are NOT connected, but that our family is the one on which there are extensive archives in the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.   

      UNCONNECTED MEMBERS - Family De St Ouen sous Bailly

  1. Wm de St Andoen from St Andoen near Arques, Normandie, held these lands from the Baron de Tancarville c 1050.
  2. 1066 Bernard & Germond St Ouen sous Bailli came to England with William the Conqueror probably under the banner of Wm d'Arques (The Companions of Wm the Conqueror by Etienne Dupont).  This author also advises that a member of the family was involved in the making of the Domesday Book, and further states that of all the companions these two were the only ones not given English titles but were obviously held in high regard.  Another, this time an English writer, points out that the surname "Ouen" is the only surname that appears in the Domesday Book.
  3. The name "Ouen" is mentioned in the Domesday Book, Resident in Hezetre Hundred, Herefordshire, Manor of Lege.
  4. 1086 Bernard de St Andoen (Domesday) held land in Suffolk and Kent from Wm Vicomte d'Arques & Rouen, he had three known sons: Atzo alias Azo de St Andoen who held residence in Kent in 1130, Gormund de St Andoen - time of Henry I (1068-1135), and Gilbert in Sussex who witnessed a Charter of Wm of Braiose in 1103 (Mon ii).  Is this latter the same Gilbert de St Ouen de Sancy, Seigneur de St Ouen who witnessed a Charter for the Abbey of Fecamp in that same year 1103.
    Cousin Herve Queinnec advises: Gilbert de St Ouen was witness on January 13th 1103 to an act contracted between William, Abbot of Fecamp and Philippe de St Ouen - which adds further information.
  5. Roger de St Andoen 1153 (Mon ii).
  6. Germund de St Ouen held in 1166 4 fees of Geoffrey de Mandeville, at Broadwater Hundred, at Ashwell and Hainstone (Odesy Hundred) and in Stiuicesworde (Hertford Hundred).
  7. R. de Sancto Audoeno held of the Kings lands (Henry II) the manor of Berchelincope (Hezetre Hundred) (1160-1170) - (could this be Raph de St Owen or Raulf Saintoweyn?).
  8. Robert de St Andoeno, Normandy 1180-95.
  9. Nicolas and William de St Andoeno, 1198.
  10. Wm de St Ouen (Brother - monk) in England in 1213 acted as envoy for King John of England to Stephen Langdon and the other exiled bishops.
  11. Roger de St Ouen, Fienfaiter du mont au malade 1226.
  12. Guillaume de St Ouen held 1/4 of the fief de chevalier de St Ouen in 1226.
  13. Jean de St Ouen held at the same time 1226, un feif of chambellan de Tancarville.
  14. Olivier de St Ouen married April 1229 Aliese (Eliese) d'Alencon, sister of Comte de Bell... and d'Alencon (d'argent a trois chevrons de gueules).
  15. Marais de St Ouen held a half of the fief of St Ouen sous Bailly
  16. Henry de St Ouen, granted by Henry III of England the rent from an Abbey to pay for his expenses whilst in Gascony with the King's brother Richard, Earl of Cornwall.
  17. Ralph de St Andoen, held 2 fees in the 13th century in Clopham, Sussex, from the Honour of Braiose, from whom descend the CLAPHAM family.
  18. Joan, daughter of Lord St Owen, m. Richard of Cornwall the grandson of Richard, Earl of Cornwall, brother of Henry III of England.
  19. Francois de St Ouen m. Marguerite Queselnel (? spelling) - her family held 'gueules avec 3 cinquefoiles hermine, 2 en chef et 1 en base'.
  20. Marguerite de St Ouen m. Unknown de Lamare.
  21. 1390 Renatel de St Ouen.Information from Philippe (Aug 2001):
  22. 1460 One of the closest neighbours of Odon de Saint-Ouen who lived in Tordouet was Raoul d'Anfray (sometime written Anffray Auffray Auffay etc...) "Seigneur de Caudemone et du Verger". Information supplied by Philippe d'Anfray (Aug 2001).
  23. 1502 Unknown de St Ouen, President de l'Echiquier
  24. 1516 Anne de St Ouen d'Yverville ou Iverville m. Marc le Senechal, Sieur d'Auberville. - Located as dtr of Antoine de St Ouen, see Marc Le Seneschal
  25. 1525 Cited in that year, Pierre DE ST OUEN Seigneur de Tocqueville en Caux, d. bef 1533 m. Isabeau DU CROCQ, he had for brother Nicolas DE ST OUEN, Cure de Toqueville living in 1533 <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/herve.laine-bucaille/noblesse/S/saint_ouen.htm>
  26. 1542 Anne de St Ouen, Dame du Plessi died in that year - she held for arms, 'sable a sautoir et 4 aiglettes d'argent' as for the branch de Melleville.
  27. 1572 Jean de St Ouen bap 7/7/1572 son of Nicollas St.Oyin (Ouen) having for Godparents Jehan Delachounne, Katherine Horsol.. and Nicollas Rousetin. Jean's father Nicollas was also Godfather on the 4/12/1573 to Marguerite dtr of Clement de St Amant, and there is a reference on the 29/10/1572 to Nicollas St Ouen and Anne Coutoys both of this parish. (Information from Alexander Niemann):
  28. 1563 1st August, St Nicaise, Rouen  - Baptism of Marie SEGUIN dtr of Louys, Godfather: Symon MOCHARD, Godmothers Katherine LAURENS, Marie DE ST OUEN (Information from Alexander Niemann):
  29. 1576 8th January, St Nicaise, Rouen - Baptism of Henri SANSON, son of Pierre, Godfather: Henri DE ST OUEN, Dominique DORIOT, Godmother: Raulline BAUCHE (Information from Alexander Niemann):
  30. 1579 20th October, St Herbland, Rouen, Marguerite DE ST OUEN baptised dtr of Nicolas, drappier, Godfather Me Guillaume LE QUOC advocat en la court des aydes, Godmother Marie ADELIN (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  31. 1582 1st May, St Jean, Rouen, Jacques DEMER baptised, son of Jacques, Godfather Jacques DE ST OUEN, Pascha LE LUCE (?), and Marye LE DUC (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  32. 1586 12th May, Ste Marie le Petite, Rouen, Loyse DE ST OUEN married Jehan GUYRON (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  33. 1590 A Jehan de St Ouen and his wife Jehanne Lormette had a dtr Barbe baptised 23/3/1590 St Laurent, Rouen, having for Godparents Barbe Jouenne, Marin anquetil and Marguerite Dubusc .  It would seem that it was the same Jehan who on the 22/8/1595 St Laurent, Rouen, was godfather to Katherine, dtr of Jehan Cardon and his wife Jehanne Huquet. (Information from Alexander Niemann) I wonder if this is a 2nd marriage for Jean de St Ouen m. 1567 Anne Dyel, the other Jeans would appear either too young or too old.
  34. 1593 In the roll of that year, it is noted that a Pierre de Saint Ouen sous Bailly is noble and that Guillaume de St Ouen sieur de Folny has produced good proof of their genealogy and other justifications for the kings ordonnance - This is surely Guillaume's 1st cousin Pierre, Seigneur d'Orival - see Genealogy below.
  35. 1594 15th March, St. Lo, Dupl., was buried Noble homme Mr  DE ST OUEN, (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  36. 1595 14th October, St Herbland, Rouen, haptised Madeleina DE ST OUEN, dtr of Jehan, Godfather, Marc AURAILLE DE GUERVILLE, Demoiselles Marguerite ROME and Magdalene RICHAL.. (?) (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  37. 1602 8th April, St Herbland, Rouen, baptised Marthe DE ST OUEN, dtr of Jacques, mercier grossier, Godfather, Noble homme Nicolas DE MALEFILLASTRE, Godmothers Marthe DE ST OUEN and Marguerite DE CARADAS. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  38. 1604 Nicolas DE ST OUEN cy-devant receveur des Aydes at Arques Tome 23 Page 35.
  39. c1613 was born Jean DE ST OUEN (Sieur de Bihore) see link
  40. 1613 2nd April, Pont de l'Arche, Jacques DE ST OUEN baptised, son of Jacques and Louise QUENEL, Godfather Honorable homme, Jehan HEURTEMATTE and honnest fille Louise DURUFLE. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  41. 1615 16th July, Pont de l'Arche, died the mother of Jacques DE ST OUEN, and three days later 19th July, died one of his children unnamed, and on the same day his sister-in-law. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  42. c1616 was born Jacques DE ST OUEN, see link
  43. 1616 6th October, Pont de l'Arche, Catherine DE ST OUEN baptised, the dtr of Jacques, Godfather Richard BOCQUET, Godmother, Catherine DELACROIX (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  44. 1619 Antoinette de St Ouen m. in that year Claude de St Germain.
  45. 1620 1st March, St Herbland, Rouen, Magdeleine DE ST OUEN, was baptised, dtr of noble homme Jean, Godfather George VOISIN Sr de la Haye, Godmother Dlle Magdeleine CASSET wife of noble homme Messire Adrian CAVELIER Str de Vaseguer, maistre en la chambre des comptes du roy en normandie, see here - either the daughter shown or an elder sister who had died! - (Information from Alexander Niemann) - Her information ties up neatly with that provided by the family Genealogy, it is not thought that her father is Jean who follows as no indication appears of the baptism of her brothers Barthelemy and Jacques and we know her father married her mother Marie Halle in 1620.
  46. Jean de St Ouen, draper, lived in St Herbland, Rouen (A M. de St Ouen (it would seem certain it is Jean) died in 1631, being buried on the 23rd September at St Herbland, Rouen, described as drapier and former tresorier (no age was given - no further children are noted of his marriage) (Information from Alexander Niemann) who appears to have m. Unknown DAUMALLE bur. 27/2/1638 St Herbland Rouen and of this marriage issued:- (Information from Alexander Niemann) - COULD DO WITH MARRIAGE ENTRY - dba:-
    1624 29th December, St Herbland, Rouen, was baptised Anne DE ST OUEN, dtr of Jean, drapier, Godfather Nicoll. POUCHET, eschevin, and Godmother Catharine SOLET (Information from Alexander Niemann)
    1625 28th February, St Herbland, Rouen, Catherine (DE ST OUEN) baptised, dtr of Mr. S.Ouen, Godfather, Jacques BOSQUET, Godmother Magdel. DE PLANTEROSE (Information from Alexander Niemann)
    1626 10th March, St Herbland, Rouen, Francoise DE ST OUEN, baptised, dtr of M de St Ouen, drappier, Godfather M. Philippe TESSON auditeur en la chambre des comptes, Godmother Francoise DE CANTEL dtr of M. Cantel greffier en lad. chambre, (Information from Alexander Niemann)
    1627 3rd June, St Herbland, Rouen, Louis DE ST OUEN, baptised, son of noble homme Jean, drappier, Godfather Honorable Homme, Jacques ADELIN, Pr. au Parlemt, Godmother Honneste wife Catherine LE GENDRE (Information from Alexander Niemann)
    1629 29th May, St Herbland Rouen, Catherine DE ST OUEN, baptised, dtr of Honorable homme Jean, drapper, Godfather Jacques DAUMALLE Conseiller Secretarie en la chancellerie, Godmother, Demoiselle Marie LE COUSTEUR (Information from Alexander Niemann)
    1631 1st January, St Herbland, Rouen, Henry DE ST OUEN was baptised, son of Jean, drapier, Godfather M. Henry HERAMBOURG and Godmother Susanne DE LA ROQUE (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  47. 1622 13th December, St Jean, Rouen, Marie DU CATEL, baptised, dtr of David, Godfather Jehan DE ST OUEN, Godmother Maries DES PLANCHES (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  48. 1626 7th June, St Herbland, Rouen, a dtr of Me DE ST OUEN was married by Mr. le Cure de St Godard to Mariam TESSON procureur en la chambre des comptes de la paroisse de St Andre dans le ville (none mentioned). (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  49. 1626 Nobleman Jacques DE ST OUEN D'ERNEMONT and honest wife Marie DELAISTRE were Godparents to Francois DE LAISTRE bap 8/5/1626, St Nicolas, Rouen, son of Francois DE LAISTRE (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  50. 1629 16th July, St Herbland, Rouen, Marie TESSON baptised, dtr of Philippe, procureur en la chambre des comptes, Godfather, Me Jean DE ST OUEN, drapier and Godmother, Cathetrine LE GENDRE (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  51. 1631 3rd September, St Maclou, Rouen, 'Sainton' (presumed Saint Ouen) died a son of Louis (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  52. 1631 17th December, St Nicaise, Rouen, bap Nicolle CIOTTE dtr of Robert and his wife Marguerite St Ouen having for Godparents, Me Raoul Ciotte, cure of Croisy, and Nicolle Theroude (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  53. 1635-1645 Madelene de St Ouen b Normandie sometime during this period, d. Utrecht, Holland, m. between 1666-69 Daniel Le Cauf (Lecauf), Bourgeois de Dieppe, himself b. between 1635-45 Normandy, d. 20/7/1717 Utrecht, Holland (mentioned in "Papiers de l'abbe Leber sur les engages de Dieppe".  Both were Protestants (Information from Erno Kiljan - who would welcome further information on parentage)
  54. 1636 3rd February, St Herbland, Rouen, Magdeleine DE ST OUEN married Georges FEROY, marchand toilleur demeurant par lorde a St Vincent de Rouen, (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  55. 1637 28th November, St Etienne des Tonneliers, Marguerite SAINTON (?) Saint Ouen, married Nicolas ASSELIN (both of that parish) (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  56. c1649 Birth of Anthoine de St Ouen son of Louis and his wife Louise POLLET probably Parish St Patrice, Rouen see item
  57. 1651 St Maclou, Rouen, Barbe DE ST OUEN b. 18th September 1651 baptised 28th September, dtr of Jacques and his wife Genevieve LE VALEUR, Godfather: Jean MAUCHART and Godmother, Isabeau MARGUERIE (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  58. 1651 14th August, St Laurent, Rouen, Noble Henry de St Ouen, Conseiller du Roy referendaire en la chancellerie de Normandie of the parish St Croix St Ouen, m. Dlle Marie HALBOUT.   On the 11/4/1652 St Laurent, Rouen, Henry  was Godfather (the Godmother was Barbe Halbout) to Henry son of Philippe Halbout and his wife Catherine Caplet.  On the 17/3/1657 he was Godfather (together with Elisabeth Hamel) to Henry son of Messire Nicollas Ansoult, procureur au baillage de Rouen and Marguerite Bourdon.  (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  59. 1654 27th April, St Patrice Rouen, Marguerite de Saint Ouen married Robert CROTTAY (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  60. 1658 or 1664 on the 1st May of that year Suzanne de St Ouen m. Francois DE CROUTELLE, Ecuyer, Seigneur de Valours.
  61. 1658 3rd February, Charles de Sainct Ouen of the Parish of St Jean Rouen, married Francoise JOUEAUX of the parish of St Croix depeltiers. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  62. 1663 Henri de St Ouen Sieur de Biherel.
  63. 1664 Magdelene de St Ouen noted as wife of George FERE mechant, when she was godmother on the 26/3/1644 St Laurent, Rouen, to Catherine dtr of Jacqwues Lestoc Brodemy (?) and Catherine Gibon. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  64. 1664 Catherine de St Ouen  daughter of Charles de St Ouen de Bailly de Londinieres, and his wife Anne Leclerc married in that year Louis de Cacqueray, Seigneur de Valmeiner, Conseiller du Roy au Conseil Souverain de la Martinique, Premiere Capitaine de Cavalerie, Ancien Gouverneur de la Grenade, the son of Andre de Cacqueray, Ecuyer, Seigneur de la Salle and his wife Marie du Bosc. They had issue.
  65. Charles de St Ouen, lived at St Agathe, held the same arms as that of  'St Ouen de Folny' who were confirmed in their nobility by Mr. de la Galisonniere 12 February 1669.
  66. 1666 19th January, St Laurent, Rouen, Anthoine DE ST OUEN m. Nicolle DUVAL in the presence of Jean de St Ouen and Francois Duval  (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  67. 1678 5th May, St Nicaise, Rouen, Jean DE ST OUEN (of parish Arques), son of Jean and his wife Marie LE CONTE, married Barbe GRASSET (of the parish of St Nicaise) dtr of Pierre and his wife Anne OSMONT (Information from Alexander Niemann):
  68. 1679 22nd May, St Nicaise, Rouen, Marguerite DE ST OUEN (of parish St Nicaise), dtr of Nicolas and his wife Judith LE SENECHAL married Nicolas SAUTEVILLE (of parish St Vigor, Rouen), son of Jean and his wife Louise LE VALLOIS (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  69. 1679 24th October, Parish St Maclou, Rouen, marriage of Anthoine DE ST OUEN of the parish of St Patrice, age 30, son of Louis de St Ouen and his late wife Louise POLLET with Anne LE CHANDELIER age 24 dtr of Barthelemy and Barbe MEILLIBUT deceased. In the presence of Louis de St Ouen father, de la Haye, Malherbe and Messire Charles de St Ouen, priest and Canon of la Sausez, Barthelemy Le Chandelier father, of this parish, Messire Jacques Pollet Lieut d'Elboeuf brother-in-law. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  70. 1682 11th April, St Jean, Rouen, Sieur Antoine DE ST OUEN (of Parish St Jean) married Damoiselle Louise BARIOLLE (of parish St Michel, Rouen) sister of M. Bariolle, Priest, Dr of the Sorbonne and Cure of St Michel, Rouen (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  71. 1689 4th September was born Nicolas Charles DE ST OUEN (brother of Louis DE ST OUEN auditor in 1709 and uncle Of Nicolas Charles DE ST OUEN Sr de la Saussaye et de St Martin la Corneille, maitre des Comptes  appointed 5th December 1743) appointed maitre des Comptes on the 21st May 1733 following the reisgnation of Yves Michel Duval. He d. 14/10/1765 and was suceeded by Simon Renard in 1766.  He m. 1st Delle TURGIS DE BULLE sister of Jean Rene Turgis maitre des Comtes en 1723 and had issue two sons, he m. 2nd Delle DU CHEVALLIER and of this marriage had a third son and a daughter name unknown.:-
    1) The eldest DE ST OUEN conseiller clerc au parlement dsp apparently before his father.
    2) Jean Charles Louis Rene DE ST OUEN b. 29th November 1733, appointed maitre des Comtes 17th December 1757 on resignation of Leonor Bertoult, Sr d'Heudreville.  He was succeeded by Francois Pierre Baptiste Beauchef in 1762. dsp apparently before his father.
    3) Nicolas Rene Louis DE ST OUEN appointed maitre des Comtes in 1783,
    4) A daughter m. 1788 Sr PARMENTIER
  72. 1694 Jean and Jacques de St Ouen Seigneurs de Biherel.
  73. 1694 1st July, Jacques St Ouen, batchelor, d. aged 78 (thus born c1616) and was buried at St Nicaise, Rouen on that day, in the presence of his elder brother (signed 'de Sainct Ouen' - dba) and Jean Martin priest.(Information from Alexander Niemann)
  74. 1696 Louis de St Ouen
  75. 1696 Olivier der St Ouen m. Marguerite de Breche.
  76. 1696 Louis de St Ouen de la Douepe, Avocat au Parlement.
  77. 1696 Unknown de St Ouen, Ecuyer, Sieur d'Hagranville.
  78. 1696 Jean de St Ouen, Sieur d'Auffay.
  79. 1696 Catherine de St Ouen m. Rene Dupuis, Sieur d'Arnouville.
  80. 1696 Charles de St Ouen, Prestre, Chanoine.
  81. 1697 3th December, Jean de St Ouen died and was buried next day at St Nicaise, Rouen aged 84 years old (thus born c1613) in the presence of  Le Carpentier father and son his nephew. (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  82. 1698 9th April Marie D'ERNEMONT of St Cande le Jeune, m. Rouen, St Cande le Jeune, Jacques CAUCHOIS of St Maclou.(Information from Alexander Niemann)
  83. before 1703 Pierre de St Ouen m. Marie Anne L'Hermitte and had issue of the following known children:-
    1703 28th January, Jean Pierre de St Ouen, son of Pierre and his wife Marie Anne Lhermitte was bap 30/1/1703 St Nicaise, Rouen, having for Godparents, Jean Le Monnier and Francoise Hecquet.
    1708 8th May, Marie Anne de St Ouen bap St Nicaise, Rouen, having for Godparents, Hugues Cuuier and Marguerite Laurens
    (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  84. 1703 5th December, St Nicaise, Rouen - The marriage of Magdeleine de St Ouen, (b c1682 d. 3/3/1708 aged about 26 bur next day St Nicaise, Rouen) daughter of Thomas and his wife Francoise Le Houas (both of the parish of boscguillaume) with Michel MOUCHET Master Grocer, son of the late Toussaint and Marie Le Coeur (for the last 8 days resident of the parish of St Nicaise, but formerly of the parish of St Vivien) (Information from Alexander Niemann)
  85. 1705 23rd February, St Nicaise, Rouen, Francois Adrian Dimbleual (I think this is d'Imbleval - dba) son of the late Adrian Dimbleual Esq., Sieur de Bretel et Douurondel and his wife Marie (Marte?) de St Ouen, of the parish of Vancy married Catherine Langlois daughter of Adrian Esq., Sieur de Breteuil and the late Marie de Clerey (could this be Clercy - dba) of this parish, in the presence of his mother and father and also his cousin Jacques Francois de Baudouin Esq. Sieur d'Escalle (Information from Alexander Niemann) note the family names that appear in our main Genealogy - Imbleval, Clercy, Langlois and Baudouin - dba.
  86. 1708 Charles Francois de St Ouen de Humesnil m. Mlle Groulard de Torcy in that year, daughter of the Marquis de Torcy, First President in Parliament.
  87. 1710 Francois de St Ouen  m. Therese Madeleine de Bailleul.
  88. 1711 Bans of Marriage 27th December 1710/8th January 1711 St Nicaise, Rouen, between Jacques Hurard Esq, Sgr. de Bocquicny, Conseiller du Roy en La Cour des Comptes, aides et finances de Normandie son of the late Olivier Huard doyen des ad.ats de la Cour and Dame Marguerite Herpin of the parish of St Nicolas with Delle Marie Therese de la Barre, daughter of Jean Claude chevalier, Sgr du plessis bouclon and of Dame Catherine de Breuedent of this parish.  A Messire Charles St Ouen du plessis signed as a witness on behalf of the bride. (Information from Alexander Niemann).
  89. 1723 Nicol Francoise de St Ouen m. in that year Nicolas de Cacqueray, Ecuyer, Seigneur de Valolive and had issue.  He was the son of Robert de Cacqueray, Seigneur de Valolive and his wife Marie-Anne Pasquier.
  90. An Antoine de St Ouen, seigneur de Lanoy lived at Quiberville, Seine Maritime, near Dieppe.
  91. Joseph de St Ouen m. Marie Catherine Campart and had the following known issue, Joseph de St Ouen was apparently unable to write his name and had to make his mark.:
    (a) 1780 Marie Marguerite de St Ouen, b. 2/5/1780, bap 3/5/1780 Quincampoix, having for Godfather Charles Francois Campart of the parish of Maromme, and for Godmother Margueritte Brouesse of this parish.
    (b) 1782 Adrien Joseph de St Ouen b. and bap 13/11/1782 Quincampoix, havig for Godfather Joseph Danelle and for Godmother Marie Anne Amourette both of that parish
    (Information from Alexander Niemann - he comments that this family does not appear to be noble).
  92. INTERESTING: A Renee Augustine DE ST OUEN D'ERNEMONT m. 14/4/1903 Paris, Denis Francois Delphin BRUN, widowed of Celeste Josephine Chappard (1851-? the dtr of Antoine and his wife Jeanne-Claude Duvernoy)  b.  13/11/1849 the son of Jean Francois and his wife Jeanne Francoise Chappuis who were themselves m. 17/1/1849 Bard les Pesmes, Haute Saone, of this first marriage he had issue of three sons Henri, Lucien, Etienne Honore and a dtr Marie Blanche.  Of the 2nd marriage with Renee-Augustine there was no issue.   <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/michel.chappard/dat1.htm#6>.


N DE ST OUEN of whom we know nothing except that he married and had two sons who follow:-

LINE OF SEIGNEURS D'ERNEMONT - Continued from above
Arms de St Ouen d'Ernemont

JOSEPH DE ST OUEN, first Vicomte d'Ernemont, Chevalier, Seigneur d'Ernemont, de la Grande Heuze et des Anthieux, Patron et Chatelain de la Grande Heuze, Seigneur en partie de la prevoste de Bellencombre, Officier au Regiment Dauphin Infanterie.  He was bap 31/1/1709 St Nicaise, Rouen, having for Godparents Barthelemy de St Ouen and Delle Marie Magdelene de St Ouen, and appears to be the youngest of his siblings, despite which he inherited the family titles,  d. 7/7/1780 and bur. 8 July 1780 La Grande Heuze, near Bellencombre, Seine Inferieure.  He m. 20 June 1742 Marie Francoise Adrienne PAIN, she d. 27 January 1789 in her house in the Rue de l'Epee, Rouen.   Marie Francoise Adrienne Pain was the eldest child and daughter of the 2nd marriage of Louis Charles Pain  d. 21 November 1746 and his wife Adrienne Marie Francoise Cheron du Coudray who were themselves married on the 20 December 1717.  Louis Charles Pain etait Conseiller du Roi, Maitre a la Cour des Comtes, Auditeur Honoraire en la Cour des Comtes, Aides et Finances de Normandie.  His wife was the daughter of Francois Cheron du Coudray and Marie Aveline.  Of their marriage there was issue of just two sons:-

For known issue of the family St Ouen - see Part 4 of this Genealogy.
Any descendants who wish to be included, and do not appear, please advise me of your actual connection to this tree.

The arms shown are those of BAUDOUIN DE BOISSAY,
Seigneurs de BASSET (or BOISSET), DE LA GUENSSUE, DU PREY in Normandie, generalite de Rouen, confirmed in their nobility 1/9/1667 or 1669.
BAUDOUIN (d'Ernemont et de Boissay near Ernemont-sur-Buchy)

This research undertaken by cousin Alexander.Niemann@t-online.de is preliminary, and confirmation of the assumptions indicated would be much appreciated.  Does anyone have or know of a registered family Genealogy of Baudouin?  Alexander has discovered that the Baudouin family held the title d'Ernemont before it was passed to Jacques de St Ouen.  We know that d'Ernemont is d'ERNEMONT-SUR-BUCHY, and close by is a hamlet called BOISSAY to which this title refers.

1.  Guillaume BAUDOUIN b. c1480 d after 15/11/1536, resident of St Herbland, Rouen m. Marie MUSTEL b c1485 d 26/1/1546 St Herbland, Rouen, and of their marriage would appear to have had issue of at least two sons who follow:-

2. Mathieu BAUDOUIN, advocat au Parlement, was godfather on the 19/11/1585 to Jacques 2nd of name DE ST OUEN, son of Jacques de St Ouen and his wife Anne Baudouin de Boissay, it is likely that he was either a paternal uncle or more probably one of her brothers, perhaps even a first cousin.

3.  Information provided by Pierre Maraine
extracts from Les Conseillers du Parlement de Normandie by Henri de Frondeville.

(a) Noel BAUDOUIN ennobled in 1598.

(b) Jeremie BAUDOIN Sr de Beuville, auditeur de la Chambre des Comptes de Normandie, d. 1630 m. Barbe NAGEREL who herself d 2/4/1639.

(c) Francois BAUDOUIN Sr d'Escambres m. Marie-Charlotte ODOARD and had issue:

(d) A M. (BAUDOUIN) du Basset,  Tresorier de France m. Dame D'EUDEMARE, dtr of M. d'Eudemare, Sr du Basset,  Of his marriage he had issue of a son who follows:-

4.  Additional information obtained by Alexander Niemann
(a) 21/5/1570, Ernemont-sur-Buchy, Baptism of Jacqueline DE BAUDOUIN dtr of Francoys and (unreadable) his wife, had for Godparents: Jacqueline Daumont and Anne Delangres (?) and Gillette (?Colette) Pelletier and Charles Dumesnil.
(b) Also mentioned as Godparents within the files of Ernemont-sur-Buchy were two members of the Baudouin family: Nobleman Charles BAUDOUIN and Pretre M.re (Messire) Robert BAUDOUIN.
(c ) 28/51719, Boissey, near Ernemont-sur-Buchy, Baptism Jacques Adrian Francois DE BAUDOUIN son of Adrian, Escuier, part seigneur and patron  of the Parish of Boissey, and his wife Noble Dame Anne Francoise DE MAZE, having for godparents: Messire Jacques de Baudouin, Escuier, Seigneur et Patron de Boissey and Marie Anne Maze de Parquette.

The arms shown are those of LEFEBVRE DU MOUCHEL,
Seigneurs de la BODERIE, du MOUCHEL.
LE FEBVRE de Boderie, du Mouchel

15305. - (NORMANDIE. Le Febvre de Borderie, Ancienne famille noble maintenue en 1667). - De sab fretté d‘argf, chargé d’un léopard de gue.
- Alias : de sab. au chevron d’argt, accomp. de 3 croissants du mesme. (Pièces Originales 1138 et 1139. Dossiers Bleus 263.)

http://www.bourricot.com/Professionnels/FiefDesAnes/FiefDesAnes.html "À l'état de ruine ... en 1994, l'ancien fief seigneurial était propriété
au 16ème siècle d'une famille de lettrés, les Lefevre de la Boderie" the former estate has been restored and is now in use as - La Theatre de La Boderie".

15285. - (NORMANDIE. Alias Le Fevre du Mouchel. Confirmé-Anobli en 1625). - De sab. à un chevron d’argt  brise  par
le flanc droit, et accomp. de 3 croissants du mesme. (Chaix 18.)

The following information is primarily taken from my cousin Jules de Coquereaumont's Genealogy.
I must thank Stephane
http://perso.club-internet.fr/sguilln/lefebvre.htm for his clarification
of names and places, as Jules was not the greatest writer for clarity, and I'm not the greatest reader of written french!.

Jean LE FEBVRE ecuyer 1470 had issue of the following:

UNCONNECTED Le Febvre du Mouchel


The arms shown are those of HALLE,
HALLE de la Haulle, d'Orgeville, du Thuit, de Fretteville

18943. - D'az. à une fasce d'argt. chargée de 3 coquilles de sab. accomp. de 3 étoiles d'or. (Armorial Général - Normandie 3 et
Paris 2.)
NB The arms shown d'azur chargee trois trefles d'or - were confirmed as also correct by cousin Louis Jouby before he died, presumably in the light of the next item, these are the arms of HALLE DU THUIT, I understand that these are recorded by "Chevillard.. Recueil Bigot - S de Merval", as belonging to Halle Sgrs de Mouflaines, de la Haulle, du Thuit, de Fretteville etc. au Vexin normand).

A Correspondant has also advised me of the following arms, I shall draw them up shortly:    

HALLE DE LA HAULE - D'or au chevron de gueules, ch. d'une fleur-de-lys d'or, et acc. de trois molettes de sable
HALLE D'ORGEVILLE - D'azur, a la fasce d'argent, chargee de deux coquilles de sable et acc. de trois etoiles, d'or, or alternatively quatre etoiles d'or, 3 et 1
(normally in heraldry it is 2 et 1, so I shall follow the first description - dba - these are the same as the Armorial de France).

The basic family tree is based primarily from that made by my cousin Jules de Coquereaumont but has now been considerably amended and indeed corrected, some of his relationships were wrong.  NB: THIS GENEALOGY IS IN THE COURSE OF MODIFICATION (18/1/2006) - please advise additions, and corrections.  Items in red from Geneanet!!!

LAURENT HALLE first of name, d. 18/11/1544 bur Church St Vincent, Rouen behind the choir, bourgeois Rouen, living parish St Vincent, m. 26/5/1502 Martine DE GUEULLEVILLE and of their marriage they had many children who died young, but were succeeded by the following:-

UNCONNECTED Members of the family Halle

1. Marguerite HALLE godmother (19/5/1577 St Laurent, Rouen) to Marye dtr of Anthoine Rome, Sieur de Laigle, notere et secretaire du Roy, Marguerite m. Laurens ROME, Sieur de Beruille, Conseiller du Roy in the said court of parliament.

2. Charles HALLE b. 10/4/1766 Autretot, Seine Maritime and bap same day, m. 23/7/1787 Autretot, Marie Madeline Rose DORE b. 10/4/1762 Autretot, bap same day, dtr of Jean Baptiste and Marie Madeleine Ligois, d. 4/5/1849 Autretot bur there, Bobineuse.  On the death of her 1st husband she remarried 22/11/1802 Autretot, Jean Erode GILLES.

3. Claude HALLE m. Pierre LE PEIGNE (widow of Unknown DE LA CROIX) b. son of Robert and his wife Marguerite LE GUERCHOIS, d. 1743 Seigneur d'Ouxmesnil, Conseiller au Parlement de Rouen 1681 and had issue:-

4. Guillaume HALLE Sgr du Thuit m. M KERVERT, they had issue of a child unknown:-

5 Jacques HALLE m. Marie GAVION and had issue:-

5. EARLY HALLE MEMBERS obtained from the records of St Laurent, Rouen by my friend and correspondant Alexandre Neimann

(a)  Laurence HALLEY (female) m. 15/9/1577 St Laurent, Rouen, Ambroisse MARC, godparent at baptism 15/1/1578 to Marye dtr of Pierre Marc, advocat in the court, later she appears to be godparent (9/1/1598) Marguerite dtr of Mathieu Halley procureur in the court and his wife Marguerite Le Febvre.

(b)  Robert HALLEY m. various dates, 3/11/1577, 17/11/1577 and 18/11/1577 (I wonder if the two earlier dates are the reading of the banns - dba) Magdaleyne alias Magdalleine DE LA HAYE  

(c)  Anne HALLEY was godmother (10/12/1577) of Barthelemy son of Jehan Amyost.

(d)  Pierre HALLE had issue:- 

(e) Guille HALLEY Procureur en la...  was Godfather (5/8/1584) to Loyse dtr of Nicollas Vaignon, procureur, it would appear that he was also Godfather (29/12/1584) to Marie, dtr of Nicollas Hemery, procureur en la court, at which time his occupation was stated as secretaire.

(f) Laurens HALLEY (male) described as nobleman, godfather (1/1/1597) to Marie dtr of Nobleman Barthelemy Halley, Sieur du Thuit and his wife Damoiselle Marie Jubert.

(g) Mathieu HALLEY Procureur en la court, m. Marguerite Le Febvre and had issue:-

The arms to be drawn and shown are those of JUBERT,
JUBERT de Perey, de Vesly, du Thil, du Marais-Vernier, du Thuit among other places

Jubert arms

20337. - (AUNIS ET NORMANDIE-). D'az. d'une croix alaisée d'or, écartele d'az. a 5 fers de lance d'argt. : 3 et 2.
Guillaume Jubert, Chr. sgr de Villette, fils de Pierre, vivait en 1355 : son petit-fils : Guillaume, qui se trouva à Azincourt en 1415 laissa de Catherine de Brument, deux fils : l'aîné, Henri, fut l'auteur du rameau des sgrs de Memicourt : le cadet, Guillaume, sgr de Bizy, vivant en 1468, épousa Catherine Daniel de Boisdenemetz et en eut : 1' Guillaume. Chr. sgr de Bizy pere de : A. Guillaume. dont le fils Alphonse, Chr. sgr de Bouville. Président de la Cour des Aydes de Normandie continua le rameau des sgrs de Bouville. titre Marquis de Bizy ; B. Jacques, dont les fils : Jacques et Georges formèrent les rameaux du Til. et de Bonnemare ; 20 Henry, qui épousa Melle Goupil en eut 2 fils : Guillaume, auteur des sgrs de Portmort, et, Henri, auteur des rameaux de Brécourt et de Chailly. (Dossiers Bleus 371. - Cherin, 112. - Armorial Général - Normandie 3. - Paris 2.)

I must thank my nephew Geoffrey for his work on this family.

Pierre JUBERT living in 1355, apparently had issue of a son:-

Pierre HALLE Conseiller au ?  1613

Jacques HALLE Sgr de Chanteloup, Conseiller au Parlement de Rouen 1610

Jean HALLE Conseiller au parlement de Rouen, Maitre des Requetes, m. 1615 Anne PANES

Jean Gilles HALLE Capitaine en Garde Francaise, Sgr. d'Orgeville, Saint-Wast etc ..., était en 1749, baron d'Heuqueville et d'Heudicourt, m. Marie LE GUERCHOIS (she must be related to the Messire Le Guerchois, who was Avocat General au Parlement, and had married Anne Martel de La Garenne on the 6/8/1629 St Patrice, Rouen, he died before April 1666).  Of this marriage there was issue:-

Isabeau HALLE m. Jacques DU H?, Sgr de Guincheville, Maitre des ?, Rouen

Marguerite HALLE m. Pierre TIREMOIS Conseiller au parlement de Rouen.