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All additions or corrections gratefully received - if you know of the line 'Pinot de Bourbon-Lancy', do contact us, also my thanks to cousin Muriel for her additions line 'de Laulerie'.

the details are as at date: March 2005

GENEALOGY of the family "PINOT" de Faure, de Montchal, de Moira, de Laulerie

26.739. - (VELAY. - Maintenu noble en 1722 sur preuves remontées a 1582. - sgr du Faure, Montchal). - D’az. au chevron
d’or, accomp. de 3 pommes de pin du mesme. - (Pièces Originales 2286. - Armorial Général Languedoc).

The members of the "Pinot de Moira" branch of this family have been linked with those of the "Audcent" family for over 160 years, the bonds were formed when the two families were allied by marriage in 1835, and then descendants emigrated together to England around 1872, following the Franco-Prussian War of 1870.

Seigneurs and Marquis de Rochepaule, de Rochemaure, de la Chau, de Montchal, de Faur, de Moira, de Chaminade, de Masgre, de Laulerie.  The family originate from Languedoc in the districts of Vivarais and Velay, and in Angoumois.  The archives of the family were conserved in their castle at Rochepaule, and destroyed and dispersed during the troubles and civil wars of the 16th century, of which for a long time the Languedoc was the centre.  At that time both the castle and the other principal houses were pillaged and burnt.  The family were of ancient aristocracy, as is borne out by the position held by Jean Pinot, Chevalier of Jerusalem, for to join the order of St John, it was necessary to be descended by authenticated titles of 8 quarterings of their arms, both paternal and maternal.  Languedoc in medieval times was a centre of civilised living.  A genealogy of the family, on which the early documentation which follows is based, was prepared by my GGGrandfather, Hippolyte 'Henri' Pinot de Moira, duly legalised and registered at Paris on the 2nd July 1846. This same Henri married into one of the oldest families in France, that of "St Ouen d'Ernemont" known originally as "St Ouen sous Bailly" from Normandy, who could trace their ancestory to the 8th century, although the Genealogy I have ends at 1350. It is my intention to place my known information on this family into these web pages, but with such an extensive history and a considerable number of known descendants, this will take time. All the English Audcents and their cousins Pinot de Moira, by this marriage, thus descend from this ancient family!

David B Audcent


Unknown PINOT of whom nothing is known (b. around 1500) had the following known issue:-

PART 2 - Details and issue of Pons Gaspard PINOT

Pons Gaspard PINOT, bap. 2/12/1675, Marquis, Seigneur de Montchal, Chevalier de l'ordre de St Lazare, Conseiller du Roi Louis XIV, Juge Mage, Lieutenant General, President Presidial et Commissaire confecteur in the Senechaussee et siege presidial du Puy m. 1/2/1702 at Puy, Marie DE COLLIN, dtr. of Jean de Collin and Marie de Devesset a village close to Rochepaule, Ardeche.  Of his marriage he had issue of the following:-

PART 3 - Details and issue of Charles Henri Jules PINOT DE MOIRA

Charles Henri Jules PINOT DE MOIRA, b. 6/4/1858, d. 21/11/1943, Vicomte de Rochepaule, Teacher of Languages, m. 2/7/1892 at Dorking, Louise Marie QUILLIER, dtr of Auguste QUILLIER and wife unknown.  Of his marriage he had 5 children, see his previous entry as regards the debate as to his entitlement to hold the title Comte de Rochepaule:-


1. Louis PINOT DE MOIRA m. Louise TRIBOUDET DE MAINBRAY dtr of Etienne and his wife Marie Antoinette Bernot de Charant [herself the dtr of Augustin Jean Guy (1784-1850) and his wife Angelique Petit de la Fosse (1792-1878)] and had issue, information supplied by probable cousin Benoit:

NB Last recorded 2 Pinot de Moira births between the years 1891-1915: Pouilly les Nonains, Loire, and Paris 7e

2. In the Ministry of Culture - base Leonore, Centre historique des Archives nationales, 213372 dossiers de titulaires de l'Ordre de la Légion d'Honneur depuis la création de l'Ordre et décédés avant 1954.
The following entry appears:-
Joseph PINOT DE MOIRAT, Male, b. 18th July 1875, Haute Vienne, Limoges. Cote L2168008

3. Francois PINOT  d. 1/4/1662 Authon du Perche, Eure et Loir m. 1625 Jeanne HODECENT d. 3/2/1662 Authon du Perche, Eure et Loir, of their marriage issued:-

(a) Therese ESTIENNE DE LA RIVIERE m.  1769 Jean BESSE DE LA BORDE, dept Marche et Limousin, ref 87/1769

LINE OF PINOT DE BOURBON-LANCY, Saone et Loire (Help required)

Olivier Pinot de Villechenon has written me concerning his own branch of the family PINOT from Lorraine who hold arms: "d'azur a trois pommes de pin d'or", identical to those of Jean Pinot, gendarme who m. Peronne de St Remy, he provides the following tree which requires to be linked if possible to ours, on the basis of the evidence of a letter between two brothers see text below:-


1. Jean Marie Marguerite PINOT b. 24/12/1774  Bourbon-Lancy, Saone et Loire, Legion d'Honneur L2168001 - no further information
2. Jean Louis PINOT b. 21/1/1800 Bourbon-Lancy, Saone et Loire, Legion d'Honneur L2167064 - no further information.

3. Charles-Leopold PINOT, Colonel, b. Toul, Meurthe et Moselle,  23/12/1823 (the Legion d'Honneur L2167060 quote this as 30/11/1823)  (all his forebears came from Lorraine), Legion d'Honneur, of his marriage to Marie Louise nee CABOCHE later adopted by her step-father Henri Felix and surname changed to GUYOT DE LISLE he had issue:-

OLIVIER, who is the grandson of Robert and Clemence and son of Gerard, also advises us of the following:-
It appears that among the archives du Puy en Velay, there is a letter written by a Pinot of du Puy en Velay to his brother (a doctor-surgeon) living at Bourbon-Lancy,  Saone et Loire .  In the archives at Macon are documents which concern members un-named of the same family, who held positions as a lawyer and doctor.  These same documents indicate links with the families "Baudot" and "des de Lambinet".  At Bourbon-Lancy, the Pinot family erected a fine  18th century "Chateau Puzenat" (named now after later owners), owned by the town since 1969.

Our own Genealogy includes Jean Pinot, gendarme who married Peronne de St Remy and had issue of four sons, Pierre, Francois, Henri and Jean who were all confirmed in their nobility in 1669.  Olivier states that his branch of the family Pinot didn't exist  in Lorraine prior to this period and he wonders if they descend from this marriage?  Perhaps the Pinot family only came to Lorraine as a result of the marital bond with the family 'de St Remy'.  Olivier quotes the following known facts in support. (My grandfather H Henri Pinot de Moira describes the arms of the family "de St Remy de Valois" of Champagne, as being those of Peronne who married Jean Pinot, but on what evidence we have no knowledge, other than the fact that the Genealogy was legalised and registered after a number of checks - the arms of de Saint Remy of Lorraine differ - dba)  (a) Jacques PINOT, ecuyer de Rochepaule is mentioned in correspondance of Jacques PINOT (Surgeon of Bourbon-Lancy. (page 169 of Catalogue held at the 'Hospices du Puy en Velay) (we have no information as to the actual date of the letter - dba).


(b) Marie Louise PINOT m. 23.11.1711 Joseph BAUDOT

(c). A Pierre or Pierre Francois PINOT lived at Darney aux Chenes (Vosges) in 1663 m. Catherine MILOT and had issue of a son (Olivier descends from this union):-

(d). Elizabeth PINOT m. 5/6/1714 Joseph ROBERT of which marriage issued:-

(e) A Marie Therese PINOT m. 1724 Francois George URGUET DE VALLEROY, ecuyer and had issue:-

2.  DE ST REMY see separate Genealogy

(a) Pierre DE ST REMY m. 1st Reine Marguerite COURTOIS she died giving birth to their only child a daughter who follows, he then remarried:--

(b) Marie Gabrielle DE ST REMY m. 27/2/1761 Regnieville, Nicolas Charles DE MICEVILLE son of Unknown m Ann de de Bourgongne.

3.  HALDAT The 'HALDAT Family seem to connect to a number of the family mentioned above:-

(b) Francoise HALDAT (dtr of Antoine Haldat, Sgr de Bonnet who m. 1625 Magdalene de Marchand), m. 1630 Lorraine, Jacques  alias Jacob REMY the son of Christopher Haldat (first of name).  Jacques fled France from Huguenot persecutions, via Germany (where an uncle lived) and then to England, finally to America, landing in 1655 in Westmoreland co. Virginia. with his wife, who died on the voyage.  He remarried 1671 a Mary Miles and had issue of this second marriage..