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Note: The illustration is taken from the cover of Francois' & Mario's d'Hotman printed Genealogy, and came from records held by von d'Uthman, the German branch of the family.

A second historical genealogy.  In this instance I have been fortunate enough to obtain sufficient information from public sources and the assistance of my nephew Geoffrey Audcent, in examining various English texts, to set out this famous French Legal family from whom the Audcent and Pinot de Moira families of England descend.  In 1997, Geoffrey visited Paris, France and returned with an extensive extract from the "Dictionnaire de la Noblesse" reprinted in 1980, and I have updated this work as a result of this latest knowledge. There does appear to be minor variations in spelling between the various sources!

In October 1999, Cousin Jean-Pierre Hotman de Villiers St Pol of Botswana, contacted me with the line of his descendance (via the 4th branch of the HOTMAN family) and the information has been duly added - my thanks to him for his kindness.
In April 2000, Cousins Francois  & Mario d'Hotman de Villiers  St Paul, cousins, of Mauritius provided me with a specially printed family Genealogy (No 49) produced by themselves on their family HOTMAN.  There are differences in detail and I have noted these below marked as follows: (F&M in red italics).  Where the differences were minor, I have not taken account of them. They also sent me the up-to-date line of their own branch of the family, which I have now been able to include - my thanks also to them.

of the family HOTMAN (Seigneurs et Marquis de Villiers-St-Paul, Oise, France)

(also noted by the family, Barons of d'Acheres (Yvelines); Seigneurs de Fontenay, Mortefontaine (nr Plailly, Oise), Villegomblin (?), Marigny (? Is this Marigny-en-Orxois), Rougemont (?), Montmelian (the only place of this name is in Savoie, France), Maires (?) and other lands).
At the commencement of the 16th century, the family Hotman were already one of the most important legal families in Paris.  With others they enjoyed an important role under the following Kings of France, Charles IX, Henri III and Henri IV.  The family originate from an area of modern Poland, known as Silesia, and Lambert the son of Gerard the first known of the family came to Paris, France from the town of Emerich, in the duchy of Cleves.

One interesting fact is that my nephew Geoffrey Audcent, who has undertaken some research on this family, found a printed portrait of Francois Hotman, the famous professor of law, and his visual appearance (3/4 view) was identical to a photograph of my GG Grandfather Hippolyte 'Henri' Pinot de Moira (himself a lawyer), who was born some nine generations later.

David B Audcent

Branche ainee:  Parti emanche d'argent et de gueules de dix pieces;

Branche of Provence: Parti emanche d'or et de gueules de dix pieces.  

Supports: deux griffons
Couronne: de Marquis

Arms of family Hotman

Gerard HOTMAN (alias Hottmann, Ottman, Hotman) was born about 1420 in Silesia and is known to have died there, of his marriage to [Catherine SPAON <http://habitant.org/ancestry/p203.htm#P1248>] he had issue of the following:-

It is my usual practice to include only 3 generations from the original name, but Luc Chaput in Canada kindly indicated to me the descent of both the present King and Queen of Belgium from the Hotman family and so I include his well documented line here for everyone's interest.  The descendants of Lucrece-Marie Bouhier to Eugenie Empress of the French are passed to me by Leo van de Pas.  

DESCENT OF Belgium, Bulgarian and Spanish Royal Families connection with Eugenie (Empress of France) From Hotman
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additions 3/5/2004

1. Marie HOTMAN (dtr of Francois HOTMAN, Seigneur de Marfontaine, Fontenay and Pailly m. 1574, Lucrece GRANGER alias GRANGIER) d. 1626 m. 12/7/1596 Vincent BOUHIER, Seigneur de Beaumarchais, Intendant des ordres du Roi from 1599, Treasurer of l'Epargne in 1602 on the resignation of his father-in-law, the son of Robert and his wife Marie Garreau from Sables d'Olonne. He aqpparently began his career as a tax collector in the county of Talmond for the de la Tremoille family, into which family his dtr Lucrece-Marie married see later. He was arrested for embezzlement, escaped from prison and lived in Noirmoutier until his death, condemned 25/1/1625 to be hanged in effigy.  Of their marriage they had two daughters:-