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NB Joel HODECENT <hodecent.joel@wanadoo.fr> has prepared his own Genealogy of the family HODECENT
his line descends from Pierre HODECENT died 10th February 1653 Celon, who married Jeanne RIAN
It is pretty sure that we are cousins, but at the moment our lines do not connect.
Click on Pierre's name to see his descendants - perhaps you can help Joel continue further with his studies!

These are odd lines relating to the family AUDECENT, all information enabling a connection to be made to the main family tree, will be appreciated!  To any distant cousins, WELCOME!
NB. Not enough attention was paid to families with the surname "Ozanne" in the Chateaudun Registers - further research should include a re'appraisal of this variant.

Group 1 - families AUDECENT

Section 1

Toussaint AUDECENT, b 1794, m. Catherine Louise (alias Catherine Denise, Catherine Desiree, Marie Louise Catherine) SERREAU, the dtr of Pierre Serreau and Marie Louise Marchand, residents of the commune of Chapelle du Noyer in the hamlet of Varenne, by the date of marriage of their daughter Angelique had moved to La Bourdiniere, Commune d'Autheuil.  Of their marriage there was issue of at least 5 children:

Section 2

Rene AUDECENT  who d c 1787 at Douy, Eure et Loir and m. Marie Louise LE CLERC, of his marriage had issue of a known son:-

Section 3

Rene Gilles (alias Jean) AUDECENT, transporter of labour, carrier and vigneron, born at Les Autels, Bazoche, d before 1827, m. 1st 2 Messidor An 4, 20/6/1796, Chateaudun, Anne Francoise THENAISIE dtr of Pierre Thenaisie and Anne Loriot and of that marriage had four children, his wife died 11 Frimaire An 11, 2/12/1802 Chateaudun, and he remarried 26 Messidor An 12, 15/7/1804 Chateaudun Marie Anne Catherine LAMIRAULT and had known issue of one child.  Of his children only one daughter reached marriageable age, & she died aged 29:-

Section 4 - LDS Records note date '1639'

1. A Marie AUDESANT m. 10/5/1639 St Germain-en-Laye, Seine et Oise, France, Francois PAGET
2. Rosalie Liza AUDECENT m. 28/12/1871 Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Seine et Oise, France, Fiacre Dominique HARMANT

Section 5 - Taken from Website: http://www.google.com/search?q=cache:JhPJZEiKC3AC:perso.wanadoo.fr/odile.halbert/Famille/Cormier.pdf+Audecent&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

A Guillaume AUDECENT is mentioned the context is not understood, but it would appear that in 1458 he was one of the heirs of Michel Comier of Bourg d'Ire.  This would be the earliest mention of our name we know.  The text reads "...Jehan Quatrebarbes, Jehan Ensubert, Guillaume Audecent... (AD49-77J39/fo20v) Le 15.2.1458 Guillete la Frotee, heritiers de Michel Cormier."

There is also a Guillaume AUDECENT referred to as husband on 13th June 1564 Bourg d'Ire of Guillemine DELYMELLE, no doubt related to the Guillaume of 1458.  He and Jean Dellymelle, ? could he be a brother or father of Guillaume's wife, entered into an act with Mathurin Guybelais dated 3rd June in the same year 1564.

Group 2 - families HAUDESSANT

Section 1

Jacques HAUDESSANT (Master Tailor) widower and a resident of Parish of St Honore de Blois, m. 8/1/1782 Chateaudun, Jeanne COURCIMAULT dtr of Michel Courcimault and Marie Berthe of the parish St Hilaire la Graville.  

Section 2

Charles HAUDESSANT b. c1600 m. 18/9/1646 Chauvigny, Loir et Cher m. 1st Marie JUMEAU no issue, and 2nd Unknown of which marriage the following:-

see also Section 3 - families AUDECENT

Section 3 http://www.bigenet.fr/recherche.php?nom1=HAUDESSANT&dpt=41&type_acte=B&tri=nom1&bigenet=420087ffb079f1d22ae92819b799bed7

The following HAUDESSANT were baptised in department Cher-et-Loir

Francois Jacques HAUDESSANT bap 1776
Marie Anne HAUDESSANT bap 1777
Jean Casimir HAUDESSANT bap. 1779
Joseph HAUDESSANT bap 1779
Pierre Raphael HAUDESSANT bap 1782

Marie Victoire HAUDESSANT bap 1785
Jean Baptististe Alexan HAUDESSANT bap 1787

Group 3 - families OZANNE

This named family OZANNE' could be a very early branch of the Audecent family, in the Chateaudun records, there is one example of an "Ozanne" who is cross referenced to his date of death, where he is named "Audecent".  When visiting Chateaudun, I and my father did not follow this line spelling, and it is possible we might have found numerous connections based on this name!

Jean Francos OZANNE d before 1789, m. Francoise MICHAU and had issue of one known son:-

Group 4 - families AUDSENT

Francois Barthelemy AUDSENT (day worker), m. Jeanne LALLIOT, she d 23/8/1774 Chateaudun, leaving him a widow.  Of his marriage he had known issue of three children:-

Group 5 - familes AUXANT or AUXENT

The name "AUXANT" is an official alias for the name "AUDECENT" noted by the authorities.  This variation along with that of "AUXENT" has been noted as used in entries at Chateaudun, which were later confirmed as "Audecents".

Eugene AUXANT, lived Villecellier, Semeville, m. Emilienne BINOIS and had issue of possible the following two sons:-

Group 6 - families HODECENT or HODCENT

The name "HODECENT" is an official alias for the name "AUDECENT" noted by the authorities, it frequently occurs, with slight variation in the documents of known Audecents at Chateaudun.

Section 1

Pierre Jean HODECENT, b c 1825 lived Vieux Mur, Brunelles, Eure et Loir m. Marie Louise VERON. Of this marriage he is thought to have the following issue of two sons:-

Section 2

Louis Pierre HODECENT, b c 1834, a day worker, lived at Unverre, m. Louise Francoise MOET.  Of his marriage he is known to have had a son:

Section 3

Jacques Louis HODECENT, resident at Dampierre-sous-Brou, m. Elvina Marie Leontine PINCELOUP and had the following issue:-

Section 4

Ernest Theophile Mathias HODCENT, b c 1877, lived Charbonnieres, Eure et Loir, m. Eugenie Valentine PINEAU, and of his marriage had the following issue:-

see also Section 3 - families AUDECENT

Section 5

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HODECENT Pierre, N° 4096 N : ../../.... ........ D : 10/02/1653 Ceton (61) m. at date unknown RIAN Jeanne N : ../../.... ........ D : ..../1677

Section 6

Hubert HAUDCENT, d. before 15/6/1773 m. 19/1/1734 Unverre, Eure et Loir, Francoise HERMELINE b. c. 1707 of their marriage issue of a daughter

Section 7

Jeanne HODECENT d. 3/2/1662 Authon du Perche, Eure et Loir, m. 1625 Francois PINOT d. 1/4/1662 Authon du Perche, Eure et Loir, of their marriage issued:-

Section 8

Martin HODECENT d. before 1745 m. before 1705 Marie AVIGNON d. after 1745

Section 9

Andre HODECENT b. c 1719 d. 24/7/1754 Soize, 28330, m. 21/11/1747 Marie CIROT b. 26/3/1729 Soize, d. 1784 Soize, dtr of Francois and Marie Louis Guillotin.  Of this marriage issue:-

Section 10 - odd marriages HODECENT and HODCENT

1 Jean Pierre HODECENT m. 30.2. year 8 of the revolution Authon-du Perche, Marie Francoise GROUX

2. Louis Charles HODECENT m. 11/5/1878 Vicheres, Marie Pascale GILARD

3. Nicolas HODECENT m. 2/4/1854 Vicheres, Marie Louise BRUNE

4. Andre HODECENT m. 2/12/1702 Soize, Marie GOUPIL dtr of Julien and Marie Sainsot.

5. Raymond HODECENT m. 8/12/1929 Courbevoie Marguerite Leonie Clemence GAULHAUT-LAROSE

6. Pierre Louis HODECENT m. 7/1/1841

7. Martha Louise HODCENT m. 29/5/1877 , Auguste Desir COIGNEAU

8. Marie Catherine HODCENT m. 20/11/1860 Louis Mamers GOUGET

9. Marie Louise Adelaide HODCENT m. 9/7/1850 St Lubin, Chassant, Eure et Loir, France, Andre PORTIER

10. <http://perso.wanadoo.fr/magenealogiegervais/pafg53.htm#4386>
Marie HODECENT m. Louis CANNE and had issue of a known child:-

Group 7 - families OCCEAN alias AUDECENT

Charles OCCEAN, day worker, b c 1804 lived at La Colombe, Loir et Cher m. Marguerite DORE, and of his marriage had issue of one known daughter who follows:-

Group 8 - odd early SURNAMES

A list of odd names from the 17th century records held of St. Valerien, Chateadun - we still need to examine the registers of St Medard, and any other parish in that town.

Abraham OUSANNE (an Abraham OUZANNE, the father of Jehan Ouzanne, presumed from his presence at the burial, together with that of Michel Breneau), d 17/3/1670, m. Elizabeth (alias Isabel) CROTOY, and had following issue:-

An Abraham OUZANNE m. 1/5/1657 Anne TOUSCHARD

A Noel AUSON m. 30/6/1658 Catherine BOURGEOIS

A Christine OZANNE b c 1625, bur 16/2/1685

Group 9 - families called ODSAN

1.  Jean ODSAN  (alias AUXENT alias OXANT)  m. Anne TOUSSAINT and had issue of a daughter:-

Group 10 - from web site: http://www.ifrance.com/lacroix-jc/CGW28/fc28somr.htm

1. HAUDECENT 1705 at Dampierre sous Brou

2. HODCENT 1654 at Dampierre sous Brous

3. HAUDECENT 1734 Unverre

4. HAUDESANT 1773  Unverre

Group 11 - from web site: http://www.ifrance.com/lacroix-jc/CGW28/fc28somr.htm & http://perso.wanadoo.fr/philippe.collomb/pag1016.html#0

1. Julien HAUDECENT d. after 1/11/1691 m. Marie BAUDOUX  d. 1705 and had issue:-

2. Francois HAUDECENT d. 12/3/1809  Yevres, Eure et Loir, France m. Francoise BOIVIN d. 17/10/1817 Yevres, Eure et Loir and of their marriage issue:-

3.  Jean HAUDECENT of whom no details

4.  Sebastien HAUDECENT of whom no details.

5. Julien HAUDECENT Laboureur, d. 6/4/1714, Dampierre sous Brous, m. 27/11/1710 Beaumont le Chartif, Eure et Loir, Renee CREPEAU b. 6/3/1686 Luigny, Eure et Loir dtr of Michel and Esmee Bellier.  Of this marriage issue of a daughter:-

Group 12 - taken from web site: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/dominique.pichard/geneat/ff028.htm

Francoise HAUDECENT d. 12/1/1662 Brou St Lubin (28) sister of Julien and Jacques HAUDECENT, m. Pierre BEAUDOUX b. c1620 d. 14/7/1670 Brou St Lubin (28) of their marriage issue:-


1 Louis Haudecent : Responsable de la Fromagerie des Ternes (Paris) (2004) - Fromagers - Affineurs <http://www.journeenationaledufromage.com/parrainage.htm#from> Fromagerie Haudecent, Marché des Ternes 8 bis rue Lebon 75017 Paris, Dégustation de fromages. <http://www.journeenationaledufromage.com/Animations/detail.htm>