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The AUDECENT Family Genealogy
This page consists of a brief history,
a complete family tree (before1707- up to 1997),
and photographs of Audcent members and wives.

BRIEF HISTORY - Underlined persons link to biographies or other family trees.

The first mention of the surname is Guillaume "AUDECENT" in 1430 at Bourg d'Ire, Maine et Loire, also a Guillaume "AUDECENT" m. 13/6/1564 Bourg d'Ire, Maine et Loire, Guillemine DELLYMELLE, and later we find Marie "AUDESANT" m. 10/5/1639 St Germain-en-Laye, Seine et Oise, France, Francois PAGET .

The English branch of the family AUDECENT originate from Prosper Audcent, a successful man of humble origins, who married in 1835 into the ancient and aristocratic family Pinot de Moira (See page 6), Marquis & Comtes de Rochemaure and Rochepaule, at Rouen in 1835.  Prosper was described as an Actor ('Artiste Dramatique') in 1838 on the birth certificate of his son Arthur, and earlier and afterwards, he appears to have been a Lithographic Artist, in the same business as his father Jean Pierre who had apparently moved from Chateaudun to Paris.  

Prosper moved a lot, as can be seen from the places of birth of his children: Prosper himself born in Chateaudun in 1811, was married at Rouen where his first child Marie (1836) was born, then to Bordeaux where Arthur his son was born (1838) and finally to Paris where his third child and second daughter Armandine was born (1841).  He married Anne Marie Louise Henriette Silvie Pinot de Moira, unfortunately we learn that on the 31/3/1847, he (holding the occupation of Engineer) and his wife were living at 21 Rue de Valverde, Madrid, and on that date appeared before Alphonse Liger, honorary Consul and Chancellor of the Franch Embassy, Madrid to agreed a deed of separation.  We learn from other sources, that she applied to Paris to be an inspector of Nursery Schools in 1856 she is quoted as stating that her husband was a 'spendthrift writer'.  In the event she only undertook these duties for three years or so and died in 1859 and was buried at Clermont Ferrand.  We have no knowledge of what happened to Prosper, his later residence or death, other than  the fact that he was resident at 18 Boulevard de Poisonniers in Paris 18e arrondisement in 1861, living on private means, when he consented to the marriage of his youngest daughter Armandine.  Prosper was the first person to officially use the style of name AUDCENT, without the 'e' and signed his marriage Certificate in this fashion - although he is described  in that document as an AUDECENT. His daughter Armandine, funnily, always kept the 'e' in her name, we know little of the other daughter Marie.

Nothing was known of the family until I commenced my researches.  Marguerite Audcent, my great aunt, sister of Henri Audcent (my grandfather) thought that Prosper originated from Poitou. Interestingly she had lived at Chaussepot,  Courtelain, governess of the family de Kish de Nemesker for many years, their Chateau situated very close to the town of Chateaudun, Eure et Loir, without any knowledge of the origins of the family from that town.  2 generations of the family had been brought up by their maternal relations 'Pinot de Moira', and were told nothing of their own forebears or cousins.  Even today, we do not know the place or date of death of my GG Grandfather Prosper - his name was never mentioned, although we do know he had died between 1861 and 1874!

I am now stuck, and I will need the help of someone, hopefully a long lost relative, in the Eure et Loir or adjoining departements willing to check the location of the early records - before making a further visit to undertake the detailed research.
Any long lost cousins should contact me, they would be very welcome.

David B Audcent


N AUDECENT of whom nothing is known, married and had known issue of two children:-

Jacques ODSAN and Perrine JARRY of their marriage had issue of 5 known children:-

I have details of various unconnected lines of distant cousins in my records, gleaned from authorities in France,
all located in the region of Chateaudun see next page:

THE ENGLISH LINE of the family AUDCENT - to date
The direct descendants of Prosper AUDCENT (1811-?) - (SEE PREVIOUS SECTION)

Prosper Audcent (1811-?) Lithographic Artist, Actor and then Lithographic Artist again m. 29/8/1835 Rouen, Anne Marie Louise Henriette Silvie Pinot de Moira, the daughter of Jean Baptiste Paul Henri Pinot de Moira (Comte de Rochepaule) and his wife Marie Catherine Jeanne Felicite DE VILESTIVAUD DE LAPEYROUSE, and Grand-daughter of the Marquis Paul Pinot de Moira and his wife, Marguerite Estienne de la Riviere.  They separated in 1847 when living in Madrid.  When Anne-Marie applied for Nursery Teaching Certification at Paris in 1856 she stated she had left her 'spendthrift writer husband'.  [(The rise of Professional Women in France, Linda L Clark, published in 2000 by Cambridge University Press, page 30) the footnote no 60 mentions: Caplat, Inspecteurs; AN F17 20315, 20068].  The writer quotes her as one of the relatively few (four) who rose from humble beginnings, most were found posts through the influence of family connections, she is obviously unaware of her aristocratic forebears.  Of their marriage they had issue of just three children, their only son Arthur, emigrated to England around 1872 with his Uncle Hippolyte Henri Pinot de Moira, Comte de Rochepaule, later also in 1874 his father-in-law, whilst his two sisters and their families remained in France:-

I have some information relating to 'unconnected' lines of the family - see next page for details - Surnames, AUDECENT, AUDSENT, AUXANT, AUXENT, HODECENT, HODCENT, OCCEAN, OZANNE.

The following photographs are taken from the extensive collection of family photographs in the possession of David B Audcent.
Photographs of the Audcent family and their wives/husbands

Arthur Audcent (1838-81)

Helene Marie Blanche Pinot de Moira (1852-79)

Louis Felix Henri Audcent (1875-1951)

Henriette Marie Angele Ferney (1881-1966)

Gerard Arthur Joseph Audcent (1911-81)

Eileen Winifred
Kenway (1910-1989)

Jacques Louis Alexis Audcent (1912-84)

Sylvia Constance Peat (1910-living)

Bernard Henry Robert Audcent (1918-68)

Martha Thompson Connell (1921-89)

David Bernard
Audcent (1939-living)

Christine Jean
Keeling (1944-living)

Anthony Edward Audcent (1939-living)

Valerie Anne
King (1938-93)

Paul Jacques
Audcent (1941-living)

Christine Reid

Picture: Margaret Dympna Corley

Helene Marie Louise Audcent (1877-1962)

Marguerite Marie Pauline Audcent (1878-1960)

Margaret Dympna Corley (1938-living)

Karen Elizabeth Audcent (1971-living)