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Families: de St Ouen d'Ernemont

The families Audcent and Pinot de Moira descend from the family Baudouin de Boissey and their Genealogy as known at the present time appears below.  I also include a Genealogy of the family Baudouin de Boleil who are not related, however a correspondant Sue has asked if I would place it on this page, in the hope that some present descendants would be able to add to it or contact her.   dba


GENEALOGY of the familyArms of the family Baudouin de Boissey
BAUDOUIN de Boissey alias Boisset, BAUDOIN de Boleil appears later

Seigneurs de BASSET (or BOISSET), DE LA GUENSSUE, DU PREY in Normandie, generalite de Rouen, confirmed in their nobility 1/9/1667 or 1669.
3426. - (FRANCE. Alias : Baudouin de Basset). - D'argt a la croix de sab. cantonnee aux 1 et 4 d'une croix de Malte d'az., aux 2 et 3 d'une tente de gue.

I place here the limited knowledge I have of the family Baudouin de Boissey, together with that of another family Baudouin, with the hope that it will encourage others to pass on the information in their possession for the benefit of descendants generally.  I am concerned that so many Genealogy web-pages restrict their knowledge to display their own direct lines, and in many cases you have to find the information person by person.  I do encourage those interested in Genealogy to be more open and to make their information more accessible.
David B Audcent

BAUDOUIN (d'Ernemont et de Boissay near Ernemont-sur-Buchy)

This research undertaken by cousin is preliminary, and confirmation of the assumptions indicated would be much appreciated.  Does anyone have or know of a registered family Genealogy of Baudouin?  Alexander has discovered that the Baudouin family held the title d'Ernemont before it was passed to Jacques de St Ouen.  We know that d'Ernemont is d'ERNEMONT-SUR-BUCHY, and close by is a hamlet called BOISSAY to which this title refers.

1.  Guillaume BAUDOUIN b. c1480 d after 15/11/1536, resident of St Herbland, Rouen m. Marie MUSTEL b c1485 d 26/1/1546 St Herbland, Rouen, and of their marriage would appear to have had issue of at least two sons who follow:-

2. Mathieu BAUDOUIN, advocat au Parlement, was godfather on the 19/11/1585 to Jacques 2nd of name DE ST OUEN, son of Jacques de St Ouen and his wife Anne Baudouin de Boissay, it is likely that he was either a paternal uncle or more probably one of her brothers, perhaps even a first cousin.

3.  Information provided by Pierre Maraine
extracts from Les Conseillers du Parlement de Normandie by Henri de Frondeville.

(a) Noel BAUDOUIN ennobled in 1598.
(b) Jeremie BAUDOIN Sr de Beuville, auditeur de la Chambre des Comptes de Normandie, d. 1630 m. Barbe NAGEREL who herself d 2/4/1639.
(c) Francois BAUDOUIN Sr d'Escambres m. Marie-Charlotte ODOARD and had issue:

(d) Alexander advises me that this family is not related to our own 'de Boissey' - having different arms - I have included it because of the alias in the Armorial General de France!
A M. (BAUDOUIN) du Basset,  Tresorier de France m. Dame D'EUDEMARE, dtr of M. d'Eudemare, Sr du Basset,  Of his marriage he had issue of a son who follows:-

4.  Additional information obtained by Alexander Niemann
(a) 21/5/1570, Ernemont-sur-Buchy, Baptism of Jacqueline DE BAUDOUIN dtr of Francoys and (unreadable) his wife, had for Godparents: Jacqueline Daumont and Anne Delangres (?) and Gillette (?Colette) Pelletier and Charles Dumesnil.
(b) Also mentioned as Godparents within the files of Ernemont-sur-Buchy were two members of the Baudouin family: Nobleman Charles BAUDOUIN and Pretre (Messire) Robert BAUDOUIN.
(c ) 28/51719, Boissey, near Ernemont-sur-Buchy, Baptism Jacques Adrian Francois DE BAUDOUIN son of Adrian, Escuier, part seigneur and patron  of the Parish of Boissey, and his wife Noble Dame Anne Francoise DE MAZE, having for godparents: Messire Jacques de Baudouin, Escuier, Seigneur et Patron de Boissey and Marie Anne Maze de Parquette.

Outline GENEALOGY Arms: Baudouin de Leigue et de Beleoil
family BAUDOUIN DE LA LEIGUE and BELOEIL, Poitou-Charente, France


(POITOU. - Fil. 1514. - Branches de La Leigue et de Beloeil, déclarée noble d'extraction en 1657, éteinte au XVIIe siecle ; du Payré et de La Lyere maintenue noble en 1667 et 1692, éteinte au XVIIIe siecle; de Louaille, conf. noble en 1678, XVII" siècle.) - D'arg. au chev. de gue. acc. de 3 hures de sanglier de sa. - (Beauchet-Filleau 1 .)

This is  based on the Genealogy Sue found, she would like any cousins, descendants etc. or others with knowledge to advise her of their lines, corrections or addtiions.  If wish to contact her email Sue at and pass a copy to me for information, so that I can update the page, I have added bits and pieces from the Internet where these are available, though Sue has warned me that many genealogies in America are suspect with numerous errors.  If you see any do please inform me.

There seems to be some disparity among information received, I have tried to interpret correctly as far as possible - dba

My correspondant LN would be glad if any of her cousins could confirm the location of the records relating to: (1) confirmation of parentage of William BOWDON 1720 d. Aug 1773 Granville, and also (2) Marriage of this same William to Elizabeth Travis c 1733.

Nobleman Pierre, Squire of La Leigue, LaVonte, Lousillon pere, the puy on the Creuse
b. 1480 France, m. Lady Phillippe BUREAU, b. c1485 dtr of Jean-Marie, Treasurer of France, mayor of Rochelle in 1448 and chief of Artillery of France. This Pierre Baudouin made a will in 1514. Of the marriage issue of one known son:-


1. Josiah BOWDOIN b. c1805 m. c1830 Martha UNKNOWN they had issue:-

2. William Bowdoin, born 1802 in NC, who was in Alabama by 1824 and died there in 1870. My correspondant Helen Haack cannot find any record of him before he came to Alabama. On his marriage license and on his tombstone his name is spelled Bowdoin. His children and grandchildren, etc. spell their names Bowdoin.  If anyone has further information on this person please contact me!

3. Susan Wesley BOWDOIN alias BOWDIN, b. 22/2/1827 Putnam County, Georgia d. 21/8/1900 Andersonville, Sumter County, Georgia m. 12/9/1844 Eatonton, Putnam, George Henry STUBBS of the marriage 13 children of whom we know 12:-

4. Jacques BAUDOUIN Conseiller, Avocat and Senechal of the Barony and Bourg of St Martin d. before m. Anne FRANCHARD and had issue:-

What appears another branch of the BAUDOUIN family at La Rochelle

For those searching for BAUDOUIN of La Rochelle try this family who emigrated to Canada, the authors appear to have undertaken a most comprehensive search of their BAUDOUIN forebears, and I offer my congratulations::  If anyone finds an actual link to the family above do let us know.